Adele Does it Again.

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Adele, you know, that supposedly famous singer with a residency at the Colosseum Theater at Caesars Palace. Well, she did it again. She canceled out at the last minute—this time for the entire month of March.

Adele referred to the pause as a postponement, saying on on social media: “Sadly I have to take a beat and pause my Vegas residency. I was sick at the end of the last leg, and all the way through my break. I hadn’t quite gotten the chance to get back to full healed before shows resumed and now I’m sick again, and unfortunately it’s all taken a toll on my voice.

In January 2019, she postponed her opening at the very last minute due to relationship issues. In other interviews, she tried to backtrack and say it was due to Covid-related issues.

When the show was first announced, sales went through the roof, with tickets selling for thousands of dollars. Inconveniencing her fans is not a big deal for her.

It’s not like a fan who bought a ticket can say, “OK, I will just stay home here and wait for my refund.” This is Las Vegas; they planned for this experience. They saved for it, arranged time off from work, and arranged a babysitter for the kids. Maybe they even took a little extra out of the home budget to come here to see her.

Then, at the last minute, she says, “Oops, I’m not feeling well. Sorry. Catch me next time.”

That’s not cool, girl.

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    My Issue With Adele

    I have the same issue with all the other wannabe divas that perform here. Adle is just another one on a long list of traveling divas. I think Adele wants to be on the same Vegas Diva level as Celine Dion, and god bless her for trying.

    But seriously, I don’t think anyone could top Celine for best Vegas Diva moments. They could teach a college class on Diva do’s and don’t based strictly on Celine’s first Vegas residency.

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    Think About It

    You are headlining in one of the city’s premier concert venues. You will be paid millions of dollars to perform a few shows. She is reportedly getting one million per show.

    She does ten shows a month. That means you have 20 days to rest, recuperate, cash those big checks, and stay healthy for the big show in Las Vegas.

    That’s the big reason many acts come here for residencies. They get to perform in state-of-the-art theaters for a couple of days, get paid some serious money, stay in luxurious accommodations, and not have to travel.

    I remember the last time Caesars had a wannabe Diva. Her name was Shania Twian. She had a two-year residency here. Casaers put her up in a luxurious suite with all the amenities. After two years here, she wrote an op-ed where she slammed Vegas for wasting her time.

    Another Diva, but in Vegas, she toned it down; Bette Midler was right before her in the Coliseum. She replied that Shania had it all wrong. Shania had wasted her opportunities here. Outlining the two years, no need to travel. Luxurious accommodations, an easy show schedule, and access to a professional recording studio with some of the best musicians in the business who call Vegas home.

    Shania had plenty of free time to write music, record, collaborate, and be the professional she claimed to be. But instead, she wasted her time sitting in her private suite complaining about how Vegas sucks!

    Adele, respect your fans’ time, money, and effort in coming to see you. You are supposedly a professional worthy of this residency. Now act like it!

    Leave the Diva sh*t back in Hollywood!

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