Circus Circus Gets a New Name?

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Circus Circus Las Vegas Name Change

Had some free time and was cleaning out my email box when I noticed a message from MGM Affiliates about a name change to a very classic, old Vegas casino.  The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino will now be referenced as Circus Circus Hotel, Casino & Theme Park.  Not “Stop the Presses” type of news but it adds to the mystery of what MGM plans to do with the old place.  Fix it up?  Expand it?  Tear it down and start anew??

With a new name highlighting the Theme Park, one has to wonder if they plan to expand the AdventureDome.  Add on to it?  They have the land. They have the old Bungee Jumping platform and space to use for something outdoors close to the pool area.  Plenty of ideas for that. Not to mention the land that is currently the Village Grounds, the old  RV Park.

Curiosity also on if this name change will include the neon signage?  Is this an actual name change or just one for affiliate marketing of the property?  Will look deeper and see.  Anyone else know anything??


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