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#257 Seeing Las Vegas from the sky!

Maverick Helicopter photo shoot of las vegas
photo: Tom Donoghue
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The Vegas Tourist Podcast #257

On today’s Podcast, Mark is joined by his lovely wife Debbie. Together they recount their latest Las Vegas adventure. A photoshoot with a good friend and Las Vegas Photographer, Tom Donoghue.

This was one of those amazing little events that just kind of happens when you hang around some people too long!  Las Vegas Photographer, Tom Donoghue asked if Debbie and I wanted to join him on an upcoming photoshoot? This one was of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. As he needed to get updated images of some of the new projects in town for his clients.

The kicker was that we would be shooting from a Maverick Helicopter!!  The objective was to shoot from above, the new Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas, the Resorts World Resort on the Las Vegas Strip, and of course, the new $2 billion Allegiant Stadium. Plus whatever else came into the viewfinders!

Maverick Helicopter photo shoot of las vegas

Photo: Tom Donoghue @photomanlv

The Podcast audio is available here…


Maverick Helicopter in Las Vegas

The Adventure Begins

Actually, the adventure started out of a conversation that happened while I was helping Tom try to recover some images from some crashed hard drives (Back Up Your Hard Dives!) and talking about all the changes going on on the Strip and in Downtown. The new Resorts World, the  Elon Muck Boring Company building “The Loop” under the convention center, the new Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas etc…

Then a few days later, Tom called to tell me that he needed to do a photo shoot for his clients needing the updates of the new resorts.  So he invited Debbie and me to go along. This is not something you say “NO ” to.  The last time we were invited was in 2017 when he needed to do some sky shots for the National Final Rodeo in 2017. And that was a blast!

So I pieced together a shot list I wanted:

    • Area 51 Jets
    • Empty Strip. you can almost count the cars!
    • The MSG Sphere
    • Convention Center Boring Loop
    • Bellagio Fountains from above
    • Circa Downtown Las Vegas
    • Resorts World Updates
allegiant stadium las vegas

Photo: Tom Donoghue @photoman


Hit the “Play Button for the video or the audio and hear our story of the entire adventure!

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