Sunset Rail Explorers Boulder City

Mark and Debbie Rail Explorer

Earlier this week, my wonderful wife and I went out to Boulder City.  To the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum.  Home to Rail Explorers Las Vegas office. We were there to do the Sunset Railbike Ride!

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To refresh your memory:

Rail Explorers came out last winter from Rhoad Island, trying to find a winter home for their railbikes. They thought Boulder City and the old rail line that once served the town would make for a great location. (see the previous story)

They were right. Boulder City was perfect for what they offered. So when the winter season was over, they packed everything up and returned home to start their normal seasonal business there.  while they did that, the plans were made to return to Boulder City full time. Earlier this month,  A semi-truck filled with railbikes was delivered to the railroad Museum location.  These bikes were built specifically for the Boulder City office and now plan to be here all year!

Visit Rail Explorers Website: https://www.railexplorers.net/tours/las-vegas

Sunset Ride

Leaving the station, we were one of the last railbikes.  They space you far enough apart so that you feel alone, but you have others watching behind and in front of you.  On one side is modern civilization.  The main road into Boulder City is a few hundred feet from the tracks. as well, the Eldorado Canyon mountains are in the distance. as is the dry lakebed.  On the other side, is wilderness, mountains and not much else!  In front of you are tracks.  The sounds are kind of soothing!

Mark and Debbie Anthony

In Nature Outside

It’s an easy peddle and the noises from mother nature, the tracks, and the distant highway are not enough to drown out any conversation you may be having with your partner or your group.  They have two styles of railbikes. A four-seater and a two-seater.  It’s actually relaxing with the sounds of the tracks under you and the fresh air in your face. Not to mention the very picturesque scenery around you.

To know that just over that mountain in front of you, the Las Vegas valley awaits your return.  That 2 million people plus thousands of tourists are just  “over there”, out of your view.  While you are in this scenic, quiet area with mother nature opening up around you. Rolling down a train track that helped build one of the largest manmade projects on earth!

If you are looking for something fun to do as a couple or a group, in nature and away from the las Vegas Strip; Visit Boulder City and try this!!

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