The $100 Jump


If all goes according to plan, adrenaline junkies will be able to pay $100 for the honor of  jumping off the top of the Stratosphere Tower. I know what your thinking. ” Those casino owners are really getting more desperate by the day.  Here they go, taking another Vegas freebie and charging for it.

Well, it’s not really like that.  And after a few earlier attempts at getting approval for some rides that were a lot more…. let’s just say Stupid, this one actually has a shot at success.

Besides…  You used to have to take a long running jump and hope security doesn’t catch you.  Now they will actually give you a lesson in how to do it and even hold open the gate while you do it….  read on…….

stratosphere skyjump

“We’re incredibly excited to bring SkyJump Las Vegas to the Stratosphere,” said Frank Riolo, CEO of American Casino & Entertainment Properties. “This will not only be North America’s only skyjump, but also the highest skyjump in the world.”

Riders of SkyJump Las Vegas will be given a short safety lesson and then they will be suited up in Stratosphere’s custom “jump suits.” The rider is then connected to a patented high-speed “descender” machine and led to the edge of a small platform where they will leap out and descend the 100+ story height of Stratosphere. Guide wires keep riders from straying off course in what is an incredibly safe, yet audacious adventure. Just prior to reaching the rapidly approaching ground, the machine slows the rider down, bringing them to a controlled and safe landing.

“While the entire experience – from preparation to landing – takes just 30 minutes, the thrill will last a lifetime,” Riolo continued. “Stratosphere has made a commitment to reinvesting in our property at all levels and this will be an outstanding addition for everyone – whether you’re making the leap yourself or watching those daring enough to do it.”

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