The Vegas Loop Update

The Vegas Loop

On a recent drive past the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Thomas and Mack Center, I realized there was some new machinery across the street. Come to find out, it’s the Boring Company starting to excavate for a new Vegas Loop station possibly.

Future UNLV Vegas Loop Station?
The UNLV Vegas Loop Station (?)

What is the Vegas Loop?

Think of it this way: The innovative Vegas Loop project is a cutting-edge initiative led by the Boring Company. It will employ self-driving electric vehicles (specifically, the Tesla Model X and Y series) to ferry passengers through a network of underground tunnels. Once completed, the Vegas Loop will seamlessly link key tourist hotspots like the Las Vegas Convention Center, the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and downtown Las Vegas. Get ready for a game-changing way to explore Sin City!

Las Vegas Convention Center Central Loop Station

The Vegas Loop Update

The Vegas Loop currently operates at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It takes convention participants from one convention hall to another and saves almost a mile of walking at times.

It’s used to show off its ability to move people around quickly and economically. It also has a working tunnel from the Convention Center to Resorts World.

Clark County has approved 69 miles of tunnels and 93 stations, including the Las Vegas International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and Downtown Fremont Street.

Stations currently under construction include the Westgate Resort (featured image), The Encore, and, apparently, the UNLV.