120 A-Bombs, Phantoms and Lion Kings

How’s that for a Podcast title?? This episode is an interest mix of topics and fun times as usual. For the nit-pickers in the group, nothing about NASCAR

Quick Notes from podcast

Sazzy and I went to see Disney’s the Lion King at Mandalay Bay.  Apparently we aren’t cultured enough for such a fancy Broadway production. Don’ get us wrong. It was an amazing show, Great production and very well done. Just not understanding the attraction for children and families….

From there, Phantom – The Vegas Spectacular turns four and we were there for that celebration and all the festivities.

The hit TV show Pawn Stars, that hit TV reality series about a Vegas family that owns a pawn store near downtown. They had a charity auction with great success.

I went off to see the Atomic Testing Site Museum. An Awesome trip down history of Las Vegas, the military and the world of technology. Did you know we dropped the Atom bomb above ground 189 times??  And people were allowed to witness it!

Sorry for being brief, but you really need to listen to the Podcast and have a great laugh or two!!

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Mark Anthony
The Vegas Tourist Podcast



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