121 – Catching Up and interview with The Godfather

We Are Alive!! We Are Alive!! Podcast 121 is a mix of new and old. Some of the news hitting The Vegas Tourist radar mixed with an interview from a podcast that never made it to posting. But its all good fun for everyone…

The year has flown by and now its almost September, Damn!! The fall is when Vegas starts getting active again with conventions and tourists. Less family, more business and more adult stuff…

Since our last Podcast, We had the annual Trekie Convention in town, so we had our fill of Spock ears and bad Klingon outfits. That was followed by the DefCon gang. The computer hackers of the world come in and mix with those who want to hire them. Vegas apparently is neutral ground for them. Something left over from the old days of rival Mafia gangs or something…. Who knows??

Mixed in with all of this is a podcast edited for play, of us coming back from The World Series of Poker media tournament. We had a ringer this year: The GodFather and he brought us the BatMobile to ride in. Yes, you get to meet the infamous Godfather Sazzy always talks about. Or at least hear why we like him so much!

Here is a list of some links and notes from Podcast 121

So take a listen and tell us what you think…. Always open to your comments and suggestions.

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