232 Bruce Bommarito, Vegas Tourism and the International Market

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In this podcast, we go to the Las Vegas Territory April meeting to get an in-depth look at the international market and it’s importance to Las Vegas tourism.  The speaker was Bruce Bommarito, Vice President International Marketing at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. A man who has first-hand knowledge and “boots on the ground” experience when talking about building the Las Vegas brand and how it relates to Las Vegas tourism

In past leadership positions, Bruce helped build and support the Las Vegas tourism expansion into world markets. Focusing his presentation on the emerging Chinese and Asian markets. What drives them? How do they view tourism and where does Las Vegas as well as the US fit into their plans?

This is NOT a numbers or speculation presentation! Bruce Bommarito is giving us a look into what he knows from his travels to the new markets and his conversations with the travelers coming to America and to Las Vegas. It is what he has learned in dealing with the people and the companies that service the International tourist.

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Bruce Bommarito Background

  • Vice President International Marketing at Caesars Entertainment Corporation
    Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • Executive Vice President – U.S. Travel Association
  • Executive Director – Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT)

Why International Markets are important to Las Vegas tourism

  • 38% Vegas tourists are International
  • 80% from mainland China (only 5% of the total Chinese market)
    35 % of those tourists are returning Chinese tourists and they want to do more than sit in a casino or ride a tour bus!
  • International tourists save up longer for the trip, stay longer in Las Vegas and they spend more money per tourist


  • India is an emerging market
  • Adventure travel is going crazy!
  • Internationa Tourists are more tech savvy
  • Chinese skipped credit cards 80% digital Payment

WeChat and Digital Payment

Politics and Security

  • They do not see us as threats or enemies, but as friends in tourism
  • Chinese government goes after the tour companies that set the tour up if you misrepresent the tour in any way
  • Chinese travelers take a class on how to be nice
  • Las Vegas Brand is one of the top 10 brands in the world. People want to come to Las Vegas then to the US!

The future of international travel:  They are looking to come to a place then see what’s there/here. Not so detailed and planned as before.  More spontaneous


The Impact of China

  • 450 million middle class
  • 250 million wealthy
  • Huawei smartphone third in the world behind Apple and Samsung
  • Government encourages travel overseas
  • Travel is the only category where the US has a surplus with China
  • The United States is the number one destination for the Chinese tourist
  • They have monuments to American soldiers in China from World War 2
  • China views Taiwan as America views Hawaii

When you want to work with the International tourist, don’t watch CNN, talk to the people


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