130 The Vegas Tourist Has Returned

Mego Night Club to open at the MGM Las Vegas

The Vegas Tourist Podcast is finally back. Not from a lack of trying, just a series of bumps in the road of technology and stamina…

Not that any of that matters, its just we went back to basics and got the job done. And lovin’ being back!

We talk Vegas shows, spurned billionaires, Amazing Johnathon’s meltdown, and so much more. Mark discovers a classic Minnesota adult beverage available in Las Vegas.
The fact that The Chip N Dale Magnet (The Cookie Lady) and Ace reporter are really moving to Las Vegas. (FYI: Those would be Sazzy’s parents!)

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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  1. I’m a drag racing fan so I’ve never been to NASCAR but after listening to Sazzy describe it, i really feel like I’m missing something! She has so much enthusiasm it is contagious!

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