Dear Governor, How Much?

Open Nevada Up

Open Nevada Up

The State of Nevada is being held hostage by a governor who is out of control, lost, and panicking.  He was outed as the fraud that he is and he is trying to find a way to capture as much loot as possible and then Exit, Stage Left. But he can’t exit holding the loot because the world spotlight is on him.

Earlier today, there was a peaceful protest that started on the Strip and ended at the Government Center in Downtown Las Vegas. I caught it on the Strip.  As I was watching all these peaceful demonstrators driving down the strip, waving the American flags, honking their horns, wanting Nevada to open back up. Demanding that the governor see the light. We are wanting him to stop playing the game that he is playing and start to allow people to have their life back. An idea came to me. A possible solution.

The governor has been casually and without cause changing the rules of the lockdown.  He has been changing his mind, changing the numbers, and has just not been honest with us on what or when he’s going to allow Nevada to really start to open back up.

The more I thought about it, the more I could not believe what I was thinking. As much as I tried to prove myself wrong in what I was thinking, the more I knew I was right.
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The facts are there.

The governor is way out of his league. This is not what he signed up for. This is not what he thought the job was going to be.  He became a governor because up until now, nobody really noticed or cared who sat in the mansion 400 miles away from Las Vegas.  The power and the people were really down in Las Vegas, not Carson City.

He’s been the same way his entire career. Being a governor is probably the most honest job he ever had in his life. He figured it would be an easy way to make more money with the backroom deals and usual government contracts for friends and supporters. Best of all, nobody would be watching. Easy in, make some easy deals, easy out.

Once the virus hit and the media started to do their shtick. Suddenly, there is a spotlight was on governors of tourist centers.  Like Las Vegas. So suddenly the bright cameras were in his face and he had to react.  He had to look like a real leader. Being a leader is not in his Playbook. He has no clue on how to be a leader. Worse yet, now they (and we) are watching him, listening to him.

When you watch him on TV, he has one of three looks;
Look number one: He is faced down, reading his script, mumbling.
Look number two: The deer in the headlight “oh my God, I am caught. They now know what a fraud I am” look.
Look number 3: This one gives the whole game away and gives the validity of my thoughts. He is looking for the exit.
A good criminal is always looking for the exit. When they enter an event, they are looking for the exit. The first thing that you want to do before you do a crime is to know how you going to get out of there.

It’s true. He has made millions from that one trick. Working the system, finding the blind spot, the angle, the way to get the most money to flow into his bank accounts without much effort. Then move on to the next con…

Unfortunately, right now, with the whole world watching, he needs a new trick and he can’t find one.
From everything we know about him and how he operates, the only way Nevada will open up sooner rather than later is if we go down his level and give in to his one trick. His drug of choice.

Again, when Mr. Sisolak walks into a room, his first thought is how can I make money off these people? Who is the stooge in the room? Who is going to be my Patsy?

The Ultimate Power Trip

Suddenly he sees a bright spot. A new drug, a new addiction he didn’t count on at first.  But now… POWER!  With a state shutdown, he controls everything. He can resist anything that weakens his power.  Every idea to make this work was a no-go. One of the drugs that are showing promise in curing this, he stockpiled in the prisons and then told medical professionals they could not prescribe it unless it’s a life-or-death situation.

Anything that looks like the cure, he bans or makes it difficult to get out to the people who need it. Look at the numbers. He says we must look at the numbers and to stabilize our healthcare system. Well, our healthcare system is at less than half capacity and they are laying people off. So, the numbers are certainly dropping, and we are not overwhelming our healthcare system.

But he cannot have that, so he adds more tests, changes how the numbers are counted. Making them go back up.

What dawned on me on that walkover, as I watched the peaceful demonstration, was that we need to stop looking at him as a governor of the people or as a leader. He is neither. We need to go by his playbook. His one trick. His drug. That is Money.

His game plan, has always been “what’s my angle here? How can I make money from this?”

Going Mobster on the Man

He wants Power, But He wants money more…

If this was thirty years ago, a tall gentleman in a suit and wearing the required fedora would request a sit-down with Mr. Sisolack.  In a private room, this man with no name would put a blank check in front of him and say, “fill it out”. Once he does that, the check gets cashed and Nevada will suddenly be cured of the Corvid-19 virus and we would be back in business.


That is how he operates. That is the only way he knows how to operate.

Sisolack doesn’t know any other way to operate. Compromising, working to benefit others and not him directly, is a foreign concept to him.  Having all the businesses in the state file bankruptcy would not bother him. To have all the people on welfare would be like an honor badge to this guy.

He does not know how to think or how to operate any other way.

We just need to know “How Much?” And make it happen. If so, he would go away tomorrow…

Agree? Disagree with my opinions??
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