How Far To to the Strip?

How far to walk to the Las Vegas Strip?

Recently, on one of the Las Vegas online discussion groups, the question came up about staying at the Trump Hotel. Some of the commenters stated that it was a nice place to stay but was too far off the Strip.  Staying there, you would need to take a taxicab or Uber to get to the Strip!  Oh Really?

So I started to think about that.  A long walk to the Strip?  Has anyone ever thought about just how long of a walk it is from other resorts to the Las Vegas Strip?  Some of these other resorts are pretty large and the elevators are tucked away behind the casino, the showrooms, and the shopping.  So, just how long of a walk is it to the Strip??

The Long Walk

I decided to actually answer my own question and measure the distance.  I have a Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphone with the Google “My Tacks” app.  Yes, I know they depreciated it. But it still works for measuring and mapping distances.

To be consistent in the measurements and to avoid having to deal with hotel security or front desk management, I started each measurement from the closest guest elevators and measured using the most common path out of the resort to the street. Noting my time and distance.  I’ve been told I have long legs, so my time will be different than yours, but not the distance.

This does NOT include the walk from your hotel room to the elevator. That can add another 1,000 steps in some of these resorts.  I started from the closest commonly used elevator to the street. I did not stop for a coffee or to see what the MegaBucks machine was sitting at. It was just a straight walk from the elevator to the Las Vegas Boulevard.

FYI: Las Vegas Boulevard is the actual name of the street most people refer to as the Las Vegas Strip.

Distance: The distance is from the guest elevator or bank of elevators that are closest to the public exit to the street, walking the most common route out of the resort to the Las Vegas Strip. Not including VIP or private guest elevators.
Time: How long it took me to leisurely walk uninterrupted from the elevator to the actual street using the most common pathway.

Trump International Towers

Trump Towers from the Strip

The one that started the debate!  People love this hotel for its lack of a casino, its 5-star (without the 5-star price) amenities, and its easy in and out. It sits right across the street from the Fashion Show Mall.  Currently sits behind an empty lot that faces the Las Vegas Strip (former home to the Last Frontier).  The empty lot was recently purchased by The Wynn Resorts for future expansion.

Distance: 564 meters / 1850 feet
Time: 5:44
Altitude:  618 meters /2027 feet

The Venetian Resort

How far to walk to the Las Vegas Strip?

The Venetian and the Palazzo is a popular, high-end resort with world-class dining and shopping.  This sits where the Sands Resort used to sit and is almost the center Strip.   

The Venetian Tower
: 110 meters/360 feet
Time: 3:21

The Mirage

The Mirage Las Vegas

Of course, who can forget the scene in the movie Vegas Vacation when the front desk clerk tried to give directions to Chevy Chase on how to get to the elevators?  Classic Vegas!!  In reality, it’s really not THAT bad of a walk. It may only seem like it is.  Actually, it’s one of the shorter ones…

Distance: 352 meters / 1154 feet
Time: 4:39

Caesars Palace

The Pools at Caesars Palace las Vegas

Caesars Palace is probably the most famous of the Las Vegas resorts. Also one of the largest with multiple towers, a boutique hotel in a hotel, and of course, their famous pools!!

From the Julius Tower
Distance: 306 meters / 1003 feet
Time: 3:28

The Bellagio

Bellagio Resort Las Vegas

My favorite Las Vegas Resort.  Home of the Bellagio Conservatory, chocolate (Nutella) crepes, and great people-watching in front of the Bellagio Fountains

From the Spa Tower
Distance: 498 meters / 1633 feet
Time: 7:00
Altitude:  621 meters /2037 feet


MGM Grand

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand, is the world’s largest hotel with over 5,000 rooms in one structure!

From The Grand Tower
351 meters / 1151 feet
Time: 4:14
Altitude: 616 meters /2021 feet


MGM Grand Hallway Walk!

MGM Grand Hallway walk
The MGM Grand Tower, the long side of the building. Going from the Las Vegas Strip, east towards the parking structure.  If you have a room there and want to get some exercise, ask for a corner room.  The hallway is almost a quarter-mile long!

Distance: 334 meters long 1,095 feet (.207 miles)

Wrap it up!

Shortest to longest:

  • The Venetian to the Strip: 360 feet
  • Caesars to the Strip: 1003 feet
  • MGM Grand to the Strip: 1151 feet
  • The Mirage to the Strip: 1154 feet
  • The Bellagio to the Strip: 1633 feet
  • The Trump Towers to the Strip: 1850 feet

Remember: Your mileage may vary depending on where your hotel room is, the walk to the elevators as well as if the resort has multiple elevator locations.

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  1. I always that the same thing. When you look at how large these places on the Strip are and how long of a walk it must really be from your room at one end of a long hallway to the elevators then to walk all that way thru the f’ing casinos!! Its gotta be a mile!

  2. When we first visited the US from England. in 2001, we spent a week in Wyoming before going on to Las Vegas
    While we were in Wyoming, we spent some time in a nice little town called Lander. One afternoon we decided to walk to the Bureau of Land Management offices, it was only around a mile but it was a lovely June day. I lost count how many people asked if we were OK? If we needed help or a ride? Or simply “what’s wrong”
    It seemed to us as if Americans, even those from a very rural area, never walked anywhere. We watched in amazement as the locals drove up to a store & then drove to the next one, even if it was only a few yards away or directly across the street.
    Now we are more used to attitudes being different. We stay at the Plaza downtown & most stays walk to the local Premium Outlets Mall. It only takes us around 15 minutes, as we are both seniors now. When we tell locals or other vacationers about or walk, they think we are lunatics.
    So yes it’s understandable that many people will take a taxi/Uber for 600 yards, even when the weather is cooler. Odd for us normal for most.

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