A small Sample of what its like to be a high roller in Las Vegas (2008)

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This really isn’t really a Vegas Vlogger. More of an entertaining Travel Channel video from 2008 featuring Maverick Helicopters.  So it is dated, yet it answers a popular dream of most Vegas Tourists: “What’s it like to do Vegas without the worry of money?”  Or “How does the other half do Las Vegas?”

When you are at this level of traveling, you usually have a service, a “host”.  This could be the one from the resort where you gamble at or one of the many private “VIP services” in Las Vegas. Whichever way you go, the host is well connected in this town and they can make a lot of hidden doors magically open up for you.

Imagine your own travel agent on steroids. You make one call, give them a little background on what all you want to do, and they are off to make it all happen for you at the best places in town.  But just know it doesn’t come cheap! Not that people at this level really care. They are here to enjoy themselves.
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When I was a chauffeur and was assigned to one of these clients, nothing was held back and they never signed for anything. It was just there for them, waiting to arrive and to enjoy it all without question or comment.

They are high rollers.  People who hang out in the High Roller lounges at the resorts. The private cabanas.  They play the tables at the high end and always go in style!

As seen in this video.  Rented Lamborghini $$. Private helicopter? $10 grand.  A round of golf at a private course? $500/$1000 or more.  Sexy cady? $$$ depending on the features you request! Yes, you can pretty much design him or her for yourself!

Vegas is the land of dreams and the place where imaginations go wild (if you have the resources)!


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