You Need to Be in Boulder City This Weekend

Country Store

So I had to do a dry run for a private tour planned for this coming weekend.  That meant I had to drive through Boulder City.  Yes, I know, I just Had To!  As if I needed a reason to do it!  Suddenly a bunch of really nice office filing cabinets stacked next to the American Legion caught my eye.  Followed by the neighboring church backyard filled with some really nice looking furniture and other stuff.  A yard sale?  I had to stop and look. it was too good to pass up.

Boulder City Country Store

Meet the dynamo named Pandora

At the gate, I was greeted by a really big ray of sunshine wearing a T-Shirt that I loved.  ” Horses, Chocolate, and Wine. I’ve Found My Happy Place”  Anyone wearing a shirt like that, I need to meet and say hello!  She introduced herself as Pandora Ahlstrom and started to explain what this was.

What This Is

The Grace Community Church’s 70th annual Country Store.    What followed was a tour of the “store”.  She should have told me to wear roller skates. This store takes up several buildings and yards of donations they have collected over the past year.  This being Monday, they were just getting things set up and organized.  As we walked and talked, she introduced me to several of the volunteers while also giving directions and guidance as they were all working to set up the individual departments.  Yes, I said departments!  It’s That Big!

This is not just a yard sale filled with whatever people have donated to the church.  This is the hand-selected, cream of the crop.  The top 5% of all donations. This is “the really good” stuff!  The other 95% is passed down to other charities. This stuff is like nearly new or better stuff and will be sold CHEAP.  All money raised goes to local charities and organizations.

grace community church

Just one part of the womenswear department

Not Your Ordinary Sale

I love sales. The garage sale was always a family tradition. I think it’s in my genes. My grandmother was a weekend garage sale-aholic and my mother had a bit of that and now I know I love to see a good sale.  But this is wayyy beyond my comprehension!  Seriously.  When she kept taking me from one building to another. Each filled with some really good quality stuff at ridiculously cheap, even for garage sale prices, cheap prices. I was floored.  And she told me they just started to get everything out of boxes and storage and from wherever they had it stored and separated. There’s more to set up!!

Jewelry sale

The Jewelry Department getting set up!

This Can Not Be Explained

Seriously. I have seen some serious sales before, but nothing on this level of size, quality and prices.  To think it was only Monday and only part of what they have collected and graded over the past year was out being organized, I think my mind may explode when I see it open on Friday.  Photos do not do it justice.

Christmas sale in boulder city

Setting up the Christmas department

Grace Country Store

Ok, I babbled on enough. Here it is from the church website itself!

“Grace Community Church offers its annual Country Store, a major fund-raising function of the church with the proceeds going to missions and church improvements.
This annual event not only includes the entire congregation, it also includes the community.
The community participates by attending and working at the sale and by the many donations that are made throughout the year.

The first Country Store was held in 1947 in the church basement by the Ladies Aid Society.

Today it encompasses the entire church property and has spread next door to the American Legion facility as well.

This is not only a major fund-raiser for the church, it is also the largest fellowship building event of the year!”

Glassware On Sale Country Store

Glasswares Anyone??

A Short Time To Sell It All

For seventy years, this little non-denominational church in the heart of Boulder City has been holding this Country Store and it’s only open for this Friday and for a few hours on Saturday.  So get your walking shoes on, make a list of things you may need or want because I am pretty sure they have it here. Grab a friend or two and come on out to get a good deal. Your purchases will be helping out some people in need.  Plus you get to spend the day in a fun little town just outside the chaos of Las Vegas!

Friday, October 18th – 9 to 5
Saturday, October 19th – 8 – 2

Grace Community Church
1150 Wyoming Street, Boulder City, NV 89005

Tel: (702) 293-2018

Email: [email protected]

Click for Google Maps Directions

Volunteer?  If you want, they could also use some more help in setting up, getting the boxers out of storage and getting the word out. Call them!!!

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